We strogley belieive that what makes a good Laboratory is he ability to help you out in your moment of need. When something is not going the way you want, then our staff are on hand to help. Whether you require chairside advice on techniques from our clinical team, technical advice for our implant specialists or essential guidance in dental technology…we are here to help you.

Our highly skilled and dedicated Orthodontic team strive to keep abreast of all that is new in this specialised field. A quick turn around and delivery is essential after de-bonding and here at European Dental Lab we will work with you to get the service your patients deserve


Our Latest acquisition, is two Druformat Scan Pressure forming machines. We have found the results to be far superior to conventional Vacuum forming machines, allowing retainers to be manufactured using thinner blanks, because of there accuracy and superior retentive fits with sports gum shields.